Responsible Raemoir Environmental Policy for 2019

Raemoir Garden Centre is situated in a lovely area on the edge of Banchory on Royal Deeside.

Raemoir Garden Centre is totally committed to operate its business in as an environmentally friendly manner as is possible while at the same time complying with current environmental legislation.

Our waste products are minimised, reused and recycled as much as is possible. We recycle Cardboard, Plastic, Food waste, Glass and Compostable material.

We minimise energy and waste usage with all our plants being watered by hand with water harvested from our own bore hole. We use LED low energy lighting and are always striving to find low energy alternatives.

The company sources our plants, restaurant and food hall produce from local sources as much as possible helping to reduce transportation emissions and helping to support local companies.

All our wood products come from FSC sources including barbeque charcoal. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-governmental stewardship organisation committed to promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests.

We try to sell product ranges that are environmentally friendly and try to provide accurate information to all customers to allow them to make the right choices.

As a local business we enjoy supporting our local schools to help the guardians of tomorrow understand important environmental issues.