Raemoir’s Peat Policy

Raemoir Garden Centre is aware of DEFRA’s (Department for Environmental Food & Rural Affairs) environmental policies and their aim to reduce Peat usage.

For many years, Peat & Peat based Potting Composts have been used to grow-on plants. Due to the concerns about damage to the environment many gardeners are now considering Peat-Free & Peat Reduced products as an alternative.

Raemoir Garden Centre is conscious of the importance of existing peat bogs for the figure of the environment. We also realise how important it is to provide customers with the information and choice in changing their behaviour to assist in CO2 reduction and climate improvement.

Horticulture accounts for only 2% of peat use, most peat being burned for fuel. Worldwide the figure is much less, and some UK environmentalists are unfairly blaming everything on to horticulture.

Peat-Free Potting Compost contains a mixture of organic materials e.g. composted bark, coir (coconut fibre), wood fibre and green compost along with inorganic materials e.g., grit, sand, rockwool and perlite. A mix of coarse and fine materials is needed to create a balanced compost containing enough water and air required for root growth.

Complete Peat-Free media are said to be the best for the environment, but product consistency can be problematic, so many brands now offer reduced peat choices. Many companies are continually improving the quality of their brands to assist in the results that our customers strive for.