Everything for your pets

Petcare at raemoir
We all love our pets and want to do the best for them. Whether they can eat anything or if they have a special dietary requirement, we have something for them all.

We have an excellent range of pet accessories from toys, leads, brushes, food bowls and beds. Our pet team are on hand to assist  and recommend should you have any questions.

Proud Lily’s Kitchen Stockist – welcome to Lily’s Kitchen who create naturally delicious, wholesome food for cats and dogs because that believe your pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of nourishing ingredients.

Healthy Paws

Adult Grass-Fed British Lamb & Brown Rice
• Promotes healthy skin & coat
• Prevents scratching
• Aids flea & worm prevention
• Made from vegetables, fruits & herbs


Of course if your pet does have an intolerance to everyday ingredients we can recommend Burns for your dog or cat.

Small Animals Catering

We also cater for small animals and recommend Burgess. Burgess offers an excellent range of food for your small pets.


Recently it has become more popular to keep chickens. We can recommend Gray Feed Services. They offer a range of high quality and nutritionally balanced animal feeds.